May 15, 2017

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Agency for Instructional Technology: AIT is a non-profit education organzation established in 1962 to develop, acquire, and distribute quality technology-based resources and provide leadership to the educational technology community. AIT is the largest single provider of instructional TV programs and has established a national model for contextural learning materials.

American Marketing Association: The American Marketing Association (AMA) was established in 1937 by visionaries in marketing and academia. Today, the AMA has grown to be one of the largest marketing associations in the world, with over 30,000 members who work, teach and study in the field of marketing across the globe.

As the leading organization for marketers, AMA is the trusted go-to resource for marketers and academics. We are counted on as the most credible marketing resource where our members can stay relevant with knowledge, training and tools to enhance lifelong learning and obtain valuable information and connections.

An Entrepreneurial life: Our mission at  An Entrepreneurial Life is to provide student entrepreneurs and educators with news, feature stories, editorial content, and a realistic counterpoint to the mythical “create an app, raise venture capital, and sell for a billion dollars” narrative. By sharing these stories and news, we hope to inspire the next generation of students to do the same, to start a business and obtain real-world, entrepreneurial experience.

Association for Career and Technical Education: The Association for Career and Technical Education is the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for careers. Its mission is to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce.

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CyberTrends: Professor John M. McCann from Duke University reminds us that in our studies of the Internet and its impact on marketing, we need to be aware of, and understand, the visions being expressed by technologists, journalists, executives and other professionals who are in positions to understand how technologies are evolving and will impact various aspects of society. He has used quotes to identify dozens of trends, termed CyberTrends, classified them into several broad classes (technologies, digital dawn, the way we live, the way we work, media, and marketing), and then into trends or topics within each class.

DECA: The mission of DECA is to enhance the co-curricular education of students with interests in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. DECA helps students develop skills and competence for marketing careers, build self-esteem, experience leadership and practice community service. DECA is committed to the advocacy of marketing education and growth of business and education partnerships.

Most states have adopted these standards as the basis for their own state standards. Standards are based on extensive and continuing industry validation activities. (Get your own business community involved).

These standards are used extensively by DECA and, to a lesser degree, by other student organizations.

Glenco/McGraw-Hill Educational Publishing:

Homework is a new online learning environment made up of the world’s best links to knowledge on the Internet. Homework Central scholars have located, evaluated, and organized more than 75,000 links in over 9,000 subjects, and are adding more knowledge every day.

McGraw-Hill Higher Education:

Michigan Marketing Educators: The web page for the Michigan Marketing Educators association.

National Academy Foundation

National Retail Federation: The National Retail Federation is the world’s largest retail trade association with a mission to conduct programs and services in Research, Education, Training, information technology, and government affairs.

National Skills Standards Board: The mission of the National Skills Standards Board is to encourage the creation and adoption of a national system of skill standards which will enhance the ability of the United States to compete effectively in a global economy.

Occuptational Outlook Handbook – 1989-99:

School Based Enterprises: DECA, Inc., with the sponsorship of Pepsico/Frito-Lay, Inc., has undertaken this project to create a national network of school-based enterprises. This project is designed to encourage educators and administrators to share their experiences in establishing and managing such businesses and thus improve and expand the use of this excellent tool.

Knowledge Matters

South-Western Educational Publishing:

Sports Career Consulting

The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education: The Consortium champions entrepreneurship education and provides leadership, technical assistance, advocacy, networking and materials to leaders within each state for entrepreneurship education across all levels of education and across all disciplines.