June 8, 2017


Structure and  Responsibilities

Members of the MEA Board of Directors are responsible for coordinating the work of MEA committees. Responsibilities include the identification of committee chairs and committee members (except for MEA/ME-ACTE Joint Committees) and the submission of the names of these individuals to the MEA President for Approval by the Board. Board members also have the important responsibility of monitoring and supporting the work of each committee to ensure that Committee responsibilities are carried out.

Standing Committees: The standing committees of the Association are listed below. The Awards, Editorial & Publications, and Research Committees are joint committees of MEA and the Marketing Education Division of ACTE. Individual Board member committee coordination assignments are as follows:

Awards & Recogniton
Ken Mattern & Pam McAuley
Deb Moore
Editorial & Publications
Carl Schmidt
Membership Sherry Dockery & Ken Mattern
Sherry Dockery
Noel Buck
Partnerships/Sponsorship Lloyd Ott
Cecil Lara & Sherry Dockery
Professional Development
Deb Moore
Public Relations & Promotions
Ken Mattern & Lloyd Ott
Cecil Lara
State Association Relations/Outreach Ken Mattern
Website Jesus Omar Gallegos


Special Committees: Special Committees may be constituted and appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. Special Committees may be appointed by the President for the time period in which he/she serves in office. They may be re-appointed by the incoming President to serve for an additional time period.