May 15, 2017

Board Certification

The MEA Board Requirement:

  • Each MEA Board Certified member must complete 20 units of professional Continuing Education (CE) every year and aminimum of three years teaching experience in marketing education.  The Association firmly believes that in order to effectively serve students and the marketing profession, it is necessary that marketing educators aggressively maintain professional skills and knowledge in a rapidly advancing society.

Unit Definition:

  • Each unit of continuing education is 50 minutes of attendance or application.  Since this is the academic standard. 100 minutes = 2 units.

Continuous Certification:

  • With each bi-annual renewal, the member must acknowledge that 40 units have been completed, or request a waiver based on disability, semiretirement or extenuating circumstances. Submission of course details are not required.

Calendar Year Recording:

  • Commencing with the first calendar year following registration, and continuing annually thereafter, each member must maintain the CE requirements.

Record Retention:

  • The member must maintain CE records for two calendar years beyond the year in question. After that, records may be discarded.

CE Audit Procedure:

  • The Association will conduct random audits of members for CE records, and may do so upon challenge. During the audit, a member will be requested to provide evidence of CE compliance from records, certificates and the registration of workshops or conferences.

Professional Conferences:

  • Any professional education event that is accepted by another career and technical education institution, association or licensing organization, such as MEA, ACTE, DECA, etc. is fully acceptable.

Association Meetings:

  • Education components of the association meetings will be credited on the time allocated.

Home Study Reading:

  • Up to five units may be claimed for studying a marketing-related book, maximum 15 units. Academic journals are 3 units each, maximum 15 units. No credit for reading general magazines and trade publications.  Maximum of 20 units.

Audio and Video Recordings:

  • Educational media on eligible topics is viewing or listening to includible, subject to a maximum of 25 units.

Internet and Computer-Based Course:

  • These qualify in full, subject to the published CE amount advertised by the presenter or institution.

Academic Courses:

  • Members receive 10 units per semester credit, 7 per quarter credit for each course.

Instructors, Teachers and Presenters:

  • Receive the same credits attendees.

Authoring Credit:

  • The authors of professional articles receive five units each.  Book authors receive 20 units.

Presentation Credit:

  • Since the delivery of business/marketing or career and technical education presentations always requires significant preparation and research, each unit of presentation will receive five units of credit. Maximum of 20 units.

Effective 2013-14