May 14, 2017

About Us

We are an organization of educators and business people committed to the career development of youth and adults in the areas of Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship.

The national Marketing Education Association is an organization of educators and business people committed to the career development of youth and adults in the areas of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Over 15,000 teachers in United States secondary schools and community colleges are involved in Marketing Education serving nearly half a million students each year. They are supported by local and state education agency supervisors and administrators, university-level teacher educators, and thousands of business people who recognize the need for well-prepared marketing personnel.

Marketing occupations represent nearly one in every four jobs in the U.S. economy. The first job a teenager holds is often a marketing job in retailing or service businesses. On the other hand, the most successful entrepreneurs and executives in the largest international organizations are often experienced marketers. Marketing moves our economy and increasingly demands highly educated well-prepared employees with leadership, communications, and technological skills.

Marketing Education has been a part of the curriculum of our schools over a century. Today, it represents the best of American education. The Marketing Education curriculum is grounded in academics—effective communications, mathematics, economics, and the new technology requirements. It integrates learning as students apply principles of psychology, human relations, oral and written communications, and mathematics as they learn how businesses plan, produce, price, distribute and sell the many products and services demanded by consumers around the world. Marketing has been in the forefront of applied learning. Students in Marketing Education programs often participate in cooperative education or internships in which they can test and improve job skills in a business while they are improving their knowledge of marketing and business practices in the classroom. In addition, Marketing Education develops students' leadership, decision-making, and team skills through the activities of DECA, the national association for marketing students.

The Marketing Education Association is the primary professional organization representing the specific interests and needs of Marketing Educators. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, the national MEA provides an ongoing program of information, communications, and professional development and support for its members. In addition, national MEA actively promotes the growth and improvement of Marketing Education programs in secondary and postsecondary schools, and works with the public including educational decision-makers, legislators, business people and others to build understanding of and support for Marketing Education programs, students, and graduates.